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Revolutionary new concept on bathing babies - Product Review

Tummy Tub USA - The Original Tummy Tub
Product Review

Janis McKeller the president of Tummy Tub USA sent BabySmartz the Original Tummy Tub for our team to review. The tub is stated to be a revolutionary new concept in bathing babies. Keeps the baby upright in a comfortable fetal position while cradled in warm water. Well that does make it sound wonderful. So we tried it out. My daughter who will be two years old next month was our tester. She just loves bath time so I was intrigued about how she would respond.

To start I initially made some observations about the product. It was so light in weight easy to carry around and didn't take up to much space. I was able to put everything in it to prepare for the bath i.e. towel, baby soap, diapers etc. But I was concerned about the possibility of tipping so I let Kayleigh hop in before I put water in it. The product is very sturdy and has a no slip grip on the bottom. The simple design has a low center of gravity for balance and no handles to injure those precious little fingers. This is not any ordinary bucket.

So we got ready for the bath. This tub is not just for newborns like many tubs. Its safe and comfortable for babies up to 35 lbs. I loved giving my kids the sink baths because of the convenience and it wasn't to big. But the sinks can have some negatives like not enough water to keep baby warm. With this tub I could have waited much longer to put her in the big tub which as we all know can be very STRESSFUL. Such a big tub for our little ones. This is a perfect grow with baby tub. So Kayleigh loved the bath. It was easy to use. We definitely conserved tons of water and she loved the natural sea sponge. Which can be purchased with the tub. The water temperature was warm during the bath which was a worry of mine, as I said to myself I hope it doesn't get to cold for her. Kayleigh didn't seem to mind having less space than she is used and she seemed to enjoy the coziness of the bath. Overall it was hit.

This is a great tub and another one of those products I was wished I could have had when my babies were, you know, babies. In summary, the product is economical only costing $42 including the sponge. The tub is Phthalate, BPA and lead free and the babies feel warm, safe and relaxed in its soft boundaries. If your a new mommy looking to stay green this is a product for you as you will only need just over a gallon of water to complete a bath. Also the product is fully recyclable and maybe best of all its is so durable it can have many uses after your done using it as a tub.

Are you attending a baby shower soon or know someone who is expecting? This would make a great gift. They may get several baths at the shower but this will be the one they use for years to come. The website is for more information and where to purchase. The company has generously offered our readers 15% off use code SMARTZ please purchase at for discount. Also on the Tummy Tub website they have great video demonstrations of the product. Here you see pictures of Kayleigh sitting in her tub asking "Mommy can I take a bath". The only disappointment was when my my four year old realized he couldn't join in the action. The Original Tummy Tub is BabySmartz Approved!!


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